Portrait of a Hawaiian woman. Circa 1900

Maori man from New Zealand

Rising Seas

War canoe of the island of New Georgia, central Solomons. The elaborate decorative inlay on elevated prow is mother-of-pearl shells.

Native hut, New Caledonia

I climb up and I start crawling over to where I hear them Chamorro men crying and hollering for God and help.
Chamorro woman Beatrice Perez Emsley recounts a harrowing experience during Japan’s occupation of Guam during WWII, in a testimony to Congress in Washington, D.C., May 27,1993.

"Huge bats up in the trees" - Tonga

United States newsreel, 1956. The H-Bomb is blasted above Bikini Atoll.

Boys running into Pacific Ocean

A Vanua Lava house, c. 1911

Life on the abyssal sea floor

Draining the Pacific Ocean, NASA

Tahiti reel

Circumnavigation #2 (1950) - Travel film footage shot by Arthur and Kate Tode.

Maori introduction

An instructional audio supplement for a Maori language course. The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand